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Covid-19 Information

During the Event:

We’re glad you’re here! Your health and safety remain important to us. Here are some things you need
to know during your visit:

Practice social distancing – stand 6’ apart

This event will not be allowing spectators

Wear facemasks when closer than 6’ of others

Use our hand sanitizer and handwashing stations often

Park no less than 10’ apart from your neighbor

If you are sick, please go home. You should not be here

If you start to feel sick, go home and call you doctor

If you are considered ‘high risk’, go home and visit us when it’s safe to do so

Don’t roam or visit your neighbors. Use your phone for that

“Leave No Trace” – Take your trash home with you

Don’t touch your face

You are allowed one family member as a guest

Permanent and portable restrooms will be operated in accordance with community health standards. Portable restrooms will be spaced out through the facility, sufficient in number for the capacity expected. Each restroom will be sanitized on a regular basis and be equipped with a self-contained hand sanitizer.

Staff Health and Safety:

All interaction between the club and participants will be done by email.

Front gate, rider registration staff and trash-handlers will be required to wear facemasks at all times.

Remaining staff  will be required to wear facemasks anytime they are within 6 feet of the public or each other.

All staff will have ready access to hand sanitizer at or near their workstations.

 Upon reporting to work, all staff will have their forehead temperature taken. Any staff demonstrating an elevated temperature will be sent home. Additional temperature checks will be required if staff start to feel ill.

Shared equipment, tools, golf carts, microphones, radio equipment, etc., should be sanitized before and in-between use.

No communal food or beverage items (fruit basket, vegetable trays, cookie platters). Staff meals will consist of individually wrapped options. No catering or buffet meals.

Working staff will be limited to the bare minimum necessary to safely conduct the limited operations of the facility.

Participant Health and Safety:

Advance online ticketing will be required. Advance ticketing allows the organizer to limit the number of participants and provides the ability to communicate directly with them prior to, during and after the event. Online registration also allows organizers to require riders to confirm they are not ill or have any symptoms.

Participant parking will be spaced out to maintain approximately 10 feet between vehicles and will be organized in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

Event Rules will be modified to meet social distancing guidelines where possible.

We expect all of the participants to be respectful towards others with the Covid-19 guidlines. Future events depend on it!

Boxed lunches will be provided to adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines.

There will be no Point of Sale terminals at the event.

Staff members have the right to take your temperature at any time of day. They also have to right to ask you to leave the event if symptoms are present.  

Persons who develop symptoms during the event should cooperate and isolate themselves, seek medical attention, and inform the appropriate public health authorities about their potential exposure, both in the county/state where the event was held and their home county/state.